DSN (Dr’s. Speakers Network) is a local company currently serving the Nashville area since June of 2004.

Our Drug Testing Network in Nashville, TN performs drug and alcohol testing and CDL Physicals nationwide.

Our DNA Testing Network in Nashville, TN can perform DNA paternity testing nationwide and can come to your place of residence.

We offer on-site / after hour testing 24/7/365 for post accident, random and reasonable suspicion situations.

We have two Nashville locations to serve you and your clients.

We stand by the lowest price in the industry and guarantee our services to be economical, efficient and effective.

DSN is the clear choice for your drug and alcohol testing needs.

We employ a team of highly trained and experienced collectors. Our staff consists of a CPCT (Certified Professional Collector Trainer), whom has received federal training and certification through DATIA (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association) under the 49 CFR Part 40 Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations and Guidelines.  In addition, we also staff several Certified Professional Collectors and Breath Alcohol Technicians. DSN ensures that proper procedures and regulatory standards are followed at all times.

DATIA member #60678

Drug Use

Drug and Alcohol use in the work place increases tardiness, absenteeism, injuries on the job and poor work performance. This in turn causes an increase in workers’ compensation claims and higher premiums for the employer.

Most industries now require drug and/or alcohol testing to be administered in the event of an on the job accident or injury. By providing these services at your facility, your clients will feel confident with the quality of testing services they receive at the same location for workers’ compensation injuries.